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Effective January 1, 2024


Handling Fees

                                                             Class Animals                            Champions             

All-Breed Shows                                $125.00                                       $125.00

Specialties                                          $150.00                                       $150.00

National Specialties                           $350.00                                       $350.00

AKC Invitational                                 Ask for quote                              Ask for quote

Westminster KC                                Ask for quote                              Ask for quote

Ringside                                              $ 150.00                                        $150.00

 Any Sweepstakes entries are an additional 50% handling fee.

Any dog not traveling to/from the show with the handler or remaining in handler’s care overnight during the show is considered ringside. Grooming is included in the handling fee but is limited to touch up trimming, blow out, nail trims, etc. Any extensive grooming at the event will be an additional fee of $75 per hour. All dogs handled by David and Kristyn at National Specalties, Westminster KC and the AKC Invitational will be responsible for a share of expenses.

 Any shows that require the handler to fly to the show will be a double handling fee, and the client will be responsible for the cost of flights for the dog and handler and rental car in addition to the standard expenses found below.


All-Breed Best In Show  $600.00

Reserve Best In Show   $300.00

National Specialty BOB  $600.00

Best In Specialty Show  $200.00

Group First                      $200.00

Group Second                 $150.00

Group Third                     $150.00

Group Fourth                   $150.00

Handler reserves the right to retain any prize money awarded.

Entry Policy

Entries must be paid in advance by the owner of the exhibit. In any instance the handler is held harmless for any missed entries. Please submit all entries c/o the above address, or with David/Kristyn’s agent number (David #1476, Kristyn #6395). This ensures we receive entry confirmation to admit your dog into the event. If arrangements have been made for your dog to be shown and you cancel after entries have closed, you are still responsible for that day’s handling fees. This does not include marking a dog absent if a major is broken. 


Expenses are divided equally among each dog being exhibited. These expenses include fuel, lodging, reserved grooming, and any other charges related to that weekend’s event.



These fees include weekly bathing, grooming, and basic care. Should your dog require a different food or supplements than we use, you can either provide it or we can purchase it and bill it to your account. Heartworm and flea/tick prevantative and any other required medications must be provided by the owner and delivered to us.

All coated breeds such as setters, drop coated breeds, or any breed requiring hand stripping or scissoring will be charged an additional $50 weekly conditioning fee.


Any exhibit not currently maintained by David and Kristyn will be subject to grooming fees, should they require extensive work, at $75/hour. Any dog arriving that needs extensive stripping or de-matting will also be subject to an initial grooming charge at the same rate. See above for coat maintenance fees for live-in charges.

We also offer grooming appointments out of our kennel, at the same rate of $75/hr.


Statements are e-mailed twice a month for the prior month’s events and services, and are due upon receipt. Your prompt payment is appreciated, as exhibits over 30 days in arrears will not be shown unless other arrangements have been made. Any new accounts require a minimum of $500.00 binder. 


 The schedule will be sent out on a monthly basis. This schedule is subject to change and you will be contacted regarding any changes made, but please check the schedule to be sure you are entering the correct shows. 

In the event of a ring conflict, we, at our discretion, may have someone else handle the dog. Another qualified professional handler will be chosen to show the dog in our absence. The client is still responsible for the handling fees for the day.  Should a suitable replacement not be available, we reserve the right to mark the dog absent at no charge. 


In case of a medical emergency, we reserve the right to seek veterinary care for the animal, at the owner’s expense. This also includes chiropractic visits as deemed necessary to keep your dog in top shape!

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